OSCP Prep: Changing my strategy

As a preparation for OSCP, my first intention was to solve all vulnhub VMs from 2017, to learn on the "newer" ones. When done; Move to the labs.

Now that I solved a bunch of 2017er VMs, I'll go ahead with specific VMs. Why?
At vulnhub.com, there exist VMs closer to what you can practice in the labs and VMs that are "far" from this. So, to optimize my preparation I'll go ahead and solve the ones close to the labs.

I found some good lists of VMs from people who did the same preparation.
They all name similar machines. As a result I will continue doing the following machines next (rolling and each linked to my writeup):

When those are done, I'll move to Hack The Box. I'm totally new to this platform so I'll define goals there at a later stage.

If I reach my goals at Hack The Box, I'll finally move to the labs for probably 90 days.